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About SEDO

about us

Centre for Teaching Support at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, helps teaching staff of the University, and other institutions of higher education, engage critical reflection and development of practices that improve teaching and learning. The Centre comprises a central hub and three (3) satellite centres at designated locations on UCC campus; each serves a function of the Centre:

Teaching Enhancement

Teaching Enhancement

Teaching Enhancement

Development of Teaching and Learning Resources

Teaching Enhancement

Library and Media Support

Vision and Mission


Our vision is to be a community of practice, where effective teaching leads to transformative learning.


To distil research and best practices for teaching in the University, polytechnics and other higher educational institutions: the use of new media and technologies in education; the development of teaching resources and the application of research to teaching and learning. The Centre will augment the effort of UCC to deliver on its mandate regarding education in Ghana by improving on teaching and learning in the University and other educational institutions. The Centre will also generate income for the University.


CTS Workshops

Are you interested in learning about teaching and learning in higher education in the 21st century? If so, you are invited to participate in our training programmes, which provide training in the following subjects

Understanding the Higher Learner

Teaching and Learning Methods in Higher Education

Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education

Teaching and Learning with Technology in Higher Education

Reflective Teaching in Higher Education

Open and Distance Learning Methodologies in Higher Education

Course Design, Management and Technology

Experiential Learning

Exploring Key Themes in Academic Practice

Improving Teaching and Learning Together

Our Programmes address the needs of

  • Teaching Staff in Higher Education
  • Staff without appropriate teaching qualities
  • Teaching staff requiring Professional Training on 21st century approaches

Contact us for more details on workshop dates and enrollment

Tel: 050 533 9900 / 050 533 9800